A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when accessing web pages. Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their device and, depending on the information it contains and how the device is used, cookies can be used to recognize a user.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the internet, providing innumerable advantages in the precision of interactive services, facilitating navigation, and the usability of our website.

The information provided below will help you understand the different types of cookies:

According to the entity that manages them
  • Our cookies: those that are collected by the publisher to provide the service requested by the user
  • Third party cookies: those that are collected and managed by a third party, these cannot be considered our own
According to the time they stay active
  • Session cookies: collect data while the user browses the network in order to provide requested services
  • Persistent cookies: stored in the terminal and all information obtained will be used by the person responsible for the cookie in order to provide the requested service
According to their purpose
  • Technical cookies: necessary for the correct navigation of the web
  • Personalization cookies: allow the user the characteristics (language) for navigation of the website
  • Analysis cookies: allow the entity responsible for the cookie to analyze the navigation performed by the user, in order to track use of the website, and collect statistics of the most visited content, number of visitors, etc.
  • Advertising cookies: allow the editor to include advertising spaces on the web, according to the content of the website itself
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: allow the editor to include advertising space on the web page according to the information obtained through the user’s browsing habits

According to the provisions of article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2018, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the private Foundation Eyes of the world informs about the cookies used on our website:

  • Technical cookies: own, third party, and session & persistent
  • Personalization cookies: own, third party, and session & persistent
  • Analysis cookies: own, third party, and session & persistent

The application that we use to obtain and analyze the information of the navigation is Google Analytics. You can consult its cookies policy through these links:

Likewise, the private Foundation Eyes of the world informs the user that he or she has the possibility to configure his or her browser to be informed of the reception of cookies. One can also prevent them from being installed on his or her device.

Below we provide the links of several browsers, through which you can make specific configurations in regard to cookies:

Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences
Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en
Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies#
Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/ph17191?locale=es_ES
Opera: https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies