See how you can return sight to eyes that have lost it or are at risk of losing it!

Make a contribution to Eyes of the world and help the most vulnerable see reality. Help bring glasses to those who need them, ensure that cataracts do not stop anyone from working or studying, and provide access to eye exams for children in school.

You can collaborate with Eyes of the world in different ways: become a member or partner, make a donation to the Foundation, leave a solidarity legacy, or buy one of the works from our Art fund.

As well as helping to transform people’s lives, your contribution has more rewards for you in tax terms. The modification of the Law on Patronage (Royal Decree Law 6/2023 of 19 December) has increased the deduction percentages:

  • The deduction for donations from individuals is 80% for the first 250 euros. From this amount onwards, donations will be deductible at 40%.
  • In the case of legal entities, corporate tax deductions will be 40%.
  • In both cases, the deduction increases to 45% for individuals and 50% for legal entities in cases where a donation of equal or greater amount has been made to the same entity during the previous two financial years.