Eyes of the world has launched a health literacy project for the young populations of Catalonia, children and the youth, with the support of “la Caixa” Foundation, entitled #EyeHealthForAll. The project assumes that there is a general lack of awareness among the population about eye diseases and good eye health practices when, indeed, it is […]

Training of teachers to check the vision of 500 students from Tarija

Schools are one of the focal points for the early detection of vision problems among children. And the role of teachers is key, which is why Eyes of the world organizes training sessions to offer them training, such as the one held in March at the La Paz Educational Unit in the Cercado municipality, in […]

Actions with a gender approach to improve the eye health of Mozambican women

To reduce inequality in women’s access to ophthalmological services in the province of Inhambane, during the months of March and April, Eyes of the world carried out different activities, highlighting two actions organized in collaboration with the Men for Change Network (HOPEM). On the one hand, participatory diagnostic sessions were held in the communities of the Inhambane, […]

Eye care for 369 displaced people in Mopti

With the security crisis that Mali has been ongoing for ten years due to the constant armed conflicts, there has been a massive displacement of people from various towns towards Mopti, the district’s capital. This fact causes the health services in the area to be overwhelmed. For this reason, Eyes of the world organizes mobile […]

Inauguration of a new ophthalmology centre in Rabuni

The ophthalmology centre of the Bachir Saleh Hospital in Rabuni is already a reality. The construction of this annex centre began in December 2022 with the aim of improving the conditions of eye care for the Sahrawi refugee populations in the camps and concentrating all services comprehensively in the same building. The new centre has […]

Implementation of the Boost Cataract tool in the latest surgery campaigns in Mozambique

Blindness caused by cataracts is not sufficiently controlled in Inhambane province, the number of accumulated cases is very high, and surgical coverage is very low. The highest prevalence of blindness affects women: 7% of women over 50 suffer from it, compared to 5.3% of men. Suppose we add to this problem that the economic and social […]

Eye examinations for more than a thousand schoolchildren from Mabote

The implementation of screening activities in schools is fundamentally aimed toward the timely detection of cases of low visual acuity and the prevention and treatment of ophthalmological diseases to prevent them from leading to possible blindness. On this occasion, the Mabote district of Mozambique was indicated by the Provincial Directorate of Education for Eyes of […]

In two weeks, 288 free cataract operations were performed in Douentza

In the last ten years, the climate of war and terrible insecurity in Mali have caused a massive displacement of people from different communities toward Douentza, the district’s capital. This fact implies an exorbitant increase in eye care needs that the local health center cannot cover. For this reason, Eyes of the world regularly carries […]

Eyes of the world participates in educational projects of learning and service

Service-learning activities in secondary schools seek to integrate community service into education. It is an educational proposal that combines learning processes and service to the community in a single project. The initiatives are based on the student’s learning about the real needs of their environment, human rights, or the culture of peace to enrich their […]

Request to the UN calling for the appointment of a Special Envoy on Vision

The Eyes of the world Foundation, a member of the IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness), has supported the initiative of this organisation to send a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, in which more than 60 countries and more than 150 global eye health organisations have requested the appointment […]