Our 2021 finances

In accordance with the statutes of the Eyes of the world Foundation, the annual accounts and the activity report for the previous year are approved by the Board of Trustees at its regular annual meeting in June. Once approved, they are published on the web.

Annual accounts 2021

This information has been taken from the Eyes of the world Foundation’s 2021 annual accounts, which were externally audited by GM Auditores.

Annual accounts of previous years

Budget 2022

On March 3, 2022, the Board of the Foundation approved, in ordinary session and unanimously, the annual budget. The Foundation plans to enter 1,903,523 euros, 1,037,447 euros from public contributions and 866,076 euros from private funds. In relation to the execution, Eyes of the world plans to allocate 73% of the resources to the action programs, 16% to raise funds and 11% to the administrative management of the Foundation. The 9% of the total is allocated transversally to the implementation of gender policies.

Budget 2022 of the Eyes of the world Foundation (PDF)