General Optica: A practical and solidarity gift for your eyes 

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General Optica as put on sale solidarity para-optical objects NEVER SEEN!

These are magnetic eyeglass clips that allow you to wear your glasses hanging while you are not wearing them and, at the same time, it guarantees you not to lose them. There are also ultra-flat cases that fold so that they don’t take up space when you wear your glasses.

They are practical objects and, at the same time, in solidarity with Eyes of the world as General Optica allocates the profits from their sale to the fight against preventable blindness promoted by the Foundation.

A good gift for these holidays that you can find, in different models and colors, in any General Optica store in Spain and Portugal.

Bonus RACC from the Program 100% RACC

In a collaborative agreement with Eyes of the World the RACC offers its clients the opportunity to help by supporting the Eyes of Mali Program through its loyalty program 100% RACC.

The Program 100% RACC consists of the allocation of points called Bonus RACC to its clients based on operations and purchases carried out. These points can be exchanged for the goods and services found in its gift catalogue where there is also the possibility to make donations to various non-profit organizations including Eyes of the world. The contribution of 150 Bonus RACC points on the part of the client represents a donation of 4.50 euros towards supporting the Eyes of Mali program.

If you are clients of RACC you can collaborate by clicking on the following image:


 The Bankia NGO Card

Bankia is offering amongst its different payment services the NGO Card.  The holder of this card can chose Eyes of the world to receive 50% of the net profits obtained by the use of this card in retailers. In this way, the Bankia clients can collaborate with the Foundation without any additional cost.

If you are a Bankia client you can contract your generic NGO card and help us to eradicate avoidable blindness!