Your support is priceless. However small, your contribution can help cure blindness for many. Become a partner of Eyes of the world and, with your contribution, we will help the most vulnerable populations look poverty in the eyes.

  • With 10€ per month, 20 people in Mali will have the glasses they need to lead a normal life.
  • With 30€ per month, 240 children in Bolivia will have their eyesight checked to prevent pathologies and to facilitate their schooling.
  • With 60€ per month, 10 children from Mozambique can recover their vision.
  • With 150€ per month, a technical team from the Saharawi refugee camps will receive
    training in primary eye care.

Everything adds up, and with your help we can work to ensure those who need it most are able to see the world with more clarity. Let’s keep opening eyes to the world!

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