500.000 recovered sight
Our challenge: 500.000 more
Can you help us?


The “500,000 + 500,000” campaign aims to become a turning point in the Eyes of the world trajectory in the fight against preventable blindness since our birth in 2001. We have already treated half a million people , but we set out to double that number in just five years, avoiding the blindness of 500,000 more people in disadvantaged parts of the Sahara, Mozambique, Bolivia and Mali.

We have taken on a great deal of challenge and we need everyone’s help to make it a reality. Great personalities from the world of cinema and acting such as Isaki Lacuesta, Josep Maria Pou, Lluís Homar, Alicia González Laá, Núria Prims and Mariona Tena have already joined the awareness campaign, along with anonymous people such as Asun Uñó and Virginia Zerna Claros, they’ve lived so close to losing their eyesight.

All of them, as well as Rafael Ribó and Dr. Borja Corcóstegui, President and Vice President of Eyes of the World, respectively, star in the audiovisual pieces that make up this new awareness campaign, appealing to the commitment of all society, sharing with us their fears in relation to the loss of vision and imagining what it would be like to never see again.

The goal is clear: to secure the financial funding needed to treat 100,000 people annually over the next five years. Can you help us fulfill it?