When and why did you start to collaborate with Eyes of the world?

I knew about the Foundation through the initiative Alumni Solidari from EDASE just when it started in its first edition around 2006.

What encouraged you to keep supporting the Foundation as a volunteer?

The inequality we are living in. It comes to a point in which the lack of resources leaves a part of humanity without real possibilities to overcome poverty.

In what do you think your education and professional experience can help an organization like Eyes of the world?

My specialization is management, emphasizing in strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship.

What concrete tasks do you do as a volunteer? Which one motivates you the most?

In the beginning, I helped in the creation of a system to follow and control the management of the Foundation through indicators. After I collaborated in the production and start-up of an integral control panel and ultimately I am participating in an intent of centralizing and harmonizing the databases of the Foundation. What motivates me most is seeing that my job is perceived as useful by Eyes of the world.

What do you think Eyes of the world has changed most since you got into it?

Slowly the organization has been acquiring more management tools, allowing them to advance strategically in the sustainability of ocular attention; that is to say, not just solve reversible blindness but doing it sustainably.

How do you value your experience?

Very enriching. I have been able to see with my own eyes how the theory that the NGOs can become the most efficient organizations we know is true.

How would you explain in a single sentence the importance of the Foundation’s work?

They practically revive the people. Vision is essential for human beings. When we lose it, we stop having the capability to do the majority of tasks. From there comes the importance to get it back, especially with possible and straightforward surgery.

Would you recommend to other people to participate as volunteers? Why?

Absolutely! No doubt! I would recommend everybody that could provide a part of their time. Its a good way of transcending beyond the materialism that involves us.