Theatre is a way of entertainment. But for Eyes of the world, theatre is also an educational tool to raise awareness of various different aspects that will help to improve ocular health in some of the most vulnerable areas in the world.
Training through theatre

Mozambique is one of the countries where we carry out this dissemination activity. On this occasion, a theatre training was held for 10 women of the Associaçao Acomuza (Association of Women of the Community of Zavala). The Xirifridjelo theatre group was responsible for carrying out the training, which lasted a week.

During the theatre classes, it was taught to represent how the process of a campaign to detect cataract surgery would go to a group of imaginary patients with alleged ocular issues.

In this way, the group of women received training on ocular hygiene, on contacts of ophthalmological services to encourage patients to go to health centres in the area and training on cataract surgery.

Gender discrimination was also worked on, facilitating women’s access to theater classes from the outset while someone took care of their children, and reinforcing the concepts of women’s empowerment through community awareness and equal access to education, land, etc.

With this new activity of the Foundation in the district of Zavala, every time a sensitization session is scheduled during the campaigns of cataracts or checks ups in schools, the Acomouza Association will be able to represent a play to facilitate the understanding of the community in a more playful way.

The Eyes of Mozambique project counts on the support of the Castellbisbal’s City Council, Barcelona’s City Council, Astigarraga’s City Council, and the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.