CMB has been working for  more than 30 years to improve the life of people with disabilities in Latin America and The Caribbean. Its cooperation model is through the collaboration with local experts, such as the Eyes of the world Foundation. Annacarola is the director of the Global CBM’s office in Bolivia and she focuses her efforts in favour of the inclusive development of the disability, decreasing the avoidable deficiencies, empowering people to the exercise of their rights and building integral, resilient and equal communities.

How long have you been in contact with the Eyes of the world Foundation? What do you remark of their work with the local population and the impact in the life of most vulnerable people?

Before starting a direct collaboration with the Eyes of the world Foundation in 2015, we had contact through IAPB and also in the national formation of the National Committee of the Prevention of Preventable Blindness.

The work strategy with the public sector is very remarkable to achieve sustainability in its interventions in Bolivia. The impact of their work can be seen in each person’s life history and in the advance of coordination in the Ministry of Health and PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) in Bolivia.

Which is the priority of the Global CBM in the framework of eye health? What does Eyes of the world contribute for this purpose?

For CBM, eye health is one of its anchors of strategic work at global level. Eyes of the world is an essential and strategic partner, so we can achieve an impact in Bolivia.

What is the response of people who receive your help? How do they value it?

The comments and testimonies of the beneficiaries demonstrate the importance of the Eyes of the world’s work.

As well as the competent authorities in the area value and recognize the importance of Eyes of the world and its consultancy and management in the public area.

Is there any particular initiative that you would like to remark due to its relevance or impact? Any particular case, anecdote or situation?

The collaboration of Eyes of the  world with CBM has been very important since thanks to Patricia Tárraga’s work (project coordinator of Eyes of Bolivia), CBM could be in direct contact with the Ministry of Health. Recently, CBM has obtained its framework agreement and Eyes of the world has been an institution that allowed us to be in contact with the central public sector.

As a woman that leads a cooperative project, what do you think of the role of women in the promotion of eye health?

The role of women is always needed in all the areas of people’s development. Health promotion is fundamental considering education in eye health.

What is taught to women is taught to society.

Which do you think should be the position of the cooperative entities that have projects in the Plurinational State of Bolivia for the achievement of the Agenda 2030 and SDG?

The coordination is closer with the level of government to establish together with the challenge for 2030. In the new planification of the project, we have to ensure the participation and opinions of the decision-makers of the public area.

What aspects do you think it could optimize or what goal would like to reach however far or utopian it looks?

To have an influence in the protocol to pay attention in the area of eye health (cataracts) in competent  authorities and entities.

Three words to describe the Eyes of the world Foundation?

Collaboration, efficiency and commitment.