The Eyes of the world art fund Visions has an audiovisual piece donated by Marina Núñez. So, we couldn’t miss her solo exhibition and ask her a few questions about her work and her opinions about our Foundation.

Last May, you opened an exhibition in RocioSantaCruz Gallery. Was it your first solo exhibition in Barcelona?

No, I exhibited there before. My first solo exhibition in Barcelona was back in 1998, in Alejandro Sales’ Gallery.

What’s the reaction like on the audience?

I don’t know the reactions I get, but I do know the reactions I want. I would like the audience to be pleased and attracted, to stop before my work and try to think about its possible meaning.

My favorite works of art are those that shake me, take me to the edge, move me and are intellectually stimulating, opening a whole new concept of arts.

How would you describe the current trends in audiovisual work in Spain?

I’m not an expert, but I’d say this format is not well-known among art collectors, despite support from public institutions. Making a living with art is not easy, because the market is very limited. However, I think that Spanish contemporary art has a remarkable level.

Eyes and looks are a constant feature in your work. Why?

They explain human identity, they are metaphors that define subjects and the situations they live in. To most people, they are attractive, they are beautiful and terribly expressive.

Why did you donate one of your works to the Eyes of the world Foundation?

Because of their principles and guidelines.

How can art contribute to our task?

On the one hand, by their way of working in terms of resources and communication. On the other hand, I think that art is a liberating force and it can change the world for the better. The representations of the surrounding world do not only reflect it; they have the power to change it, because we can grasp it and act consequently according to that vision.

Tell us two words which define your work, in your opinion.

Two very strong words spring to mind: solidarity and hope.