Awards and honours

2023 · Oriana Award for Science

The International Film Festival of Sant Andreu de la Barca has awarded the Eyes of the world Foundation, in its 11th edition, the Oriana Award for Science, for the solidarity motivation and humanitarian work of Eyes of the world in favour of the Universal Right to Sight.

2019 · Excellence in Ophthalmology Vision Awards (XOVA)

The project ‘Reducing the burden of blindness in the Mopti region, Mali’ has received the eXcellence in Ophthalmology Vision Award (XOVA). This is an award programme sponsored by Novartis Pharma AG that supports initiatives that help provide improved and sustainable eye care to reduce blindness worldwide.

2019 · Ferrovial’s Juntos Sumamos Award

The  project ‘Giving light back to the children of Mozambique’ has been chosen by Ferrovial employees, as part of the Juntos Sumamos programme, to provide 10,000 children in primary schools in the province of Inhambane with eye care.

2018 · Ferrovial’s Juntos Sumamos Award

Ferrovial, through its Juntos Sumamos programme, awarded the project ‘For a future without shadows: keeping blindness away from children in Mali’ to carry out an ophthalmological check-up campaign for 5,500 pupils in primary and secondary schools in the Mopti region.

2018 · The XXIV Natura Award

Award for the ‘Eye health project in Mozambique’, which focuses on eye check-ups carried out among the poorest population in the area, especially among women. The award, organised by Natura Stores, consists of a donation to improve access to and availability of eye care services for the population of Inhambane, through local optical and ophthalmological care.

2018 · Anesvad Awards for Cooperation and Solidarity

Award in the INNOVATE category for the project Combating avoidable blindness in Mozambique, female empowerment, which has led to the creation of the first optical workshop in Vilankulos managed by a local women’s association, AMODEVI, and which contributes to guaranteeing the universal right to vision in the province of Inhambane.

2016 · DKV Medicine and Solidarity Award

Award for the project ‘Opening eyes in Bolivia’. A recognition of the contribution of Eyes of the world to the fact that people with visual impairments and without economic resources in poor countries can receive quality ophthalmological care, valuing the great impact for its innovation, creation of trends and promotion of awareness.

2015 · INESE Insurance Solidarity Awards

Prize awarded by INESE and granted by Catalana Occidente for the project ‘Opening eyes in Bolivia’, which aims to improve the eye health of the Bolivian population and prevent people from suffering unnecessary blindness. The award not only certifies the suitability of the project, but also raises awareness among the Spanish population of the possibility of putting an end to a problem that in the West is easily solvable, as avoidable blindness is based on infections, refractive errors or cataracts.

2013 · INESE Insurance Solidarity Awards

Award granted by Crédito y Caución to ‘the Eyes of Mali programme: the fight against avoidable blindness in the Mopti region’. The award contributes to achieving the main objectives of the programme: to facilitate access to quality ophthalmological and optical care for the population of the Mopti region and to improve knowledge of basic eye hygiene habits and the early detection of pathologies.

2007 · ONCE Catalonia Award for Solidarity and Achievement

The Eyes of the world Foundation received the ONCE Catalonia Award for Solidarity and Achievement for its efforts to eradicate avoidable blindness in the countries without resources where it collaborates.