Although the heaquarters are located in Barcelona, Eyes of the world is building a network of regional offices all over Spain. The network currently has regional offices in Andalusia—coordinated by Jesús Barragán—, Basque Country —coordinated by Ana Isasa— Navarra—coordinated by Kike Otaegi—, Valencian Community—coordinated by Dr. Rosario Martínez— and Madrid—coordinated by Alfonso Jordán. Moreover, the Foundation has regional offices in Portugal—coordinated by Dr. Lurdana Gomes, ophthalmologist—, France—coordinated by Romain Bordas— and Argentina—led by Dr. Hernán E. Gras, ophthalmologist.

The Foundation also has an administrative seat in Bilbao coordinated by Miren Rodríguez / 646436837 / mrodriguez@mundukobegiak.organd another in Pamplona, ​​ coordinated by Alfonso Noboa / 646511252 /