Trying on glasses on a girl

World Down Syndrome Day is commemorated every year on March 21. This year in Bolivia, it was celebrated with various actions coordinated by Eyes of the world to offer ophthalmological assistance and prescription lenses in La Paz, Oruro, and Tarija.

To carry out this campaign, mobile ophthalmological teams, specialists, and paediatric ophthalmologists were deployed; they were able to care for a total of 102 people with Down Syndrome (45 boys, 29 girls, 17 women, and 11 men).

  • In La Paz, the Foundation relied on the National Institute of Ophthalmology (INO) and the cooperation of the National Bank of Bolivia (BND) within the framework of its Veo Veo programme to offer eye care to 14 boys and 11 girls.
  • In the city of Oruro, work was done jointly with SEDES Oruro and the Governor’s office to care for 42 people, with the collaboration of Dr. Marco Mareño from the San Juan de Dios Hospital.
  • In Tarija, in alliance with the Down Foundation, 35 people were visited.