#LoveYourEyes. A day to love your eyes

At Eyes of the world we carried out different activities to celebrate World Sight Day 2022 and contribute to raising awareness about the importance of eye health, the need to take care of our eyes (#loveyoureyes) and to fight for the eradication of avoidable blindness. In Mozambique, we implemented eye health promotion activities in the […]

“Holding gazes” along with Novartis

With the support of Novartis, the Eyes of the World Foundation is launching the campaign “Holding gazes”, which aims to raise public awareness of the importance of regular eye check-ups to prevent vision loss and to protect, preserve and prioritise visual health, and raise awareness of the precariousness of eye health in some of the […]

Javier Bardem’s eyes will open 200 eyes

Thanks to the solidarity of Javier Bardem, who donated the recently auctioned photograph of his iris to Eyes of the world, the Foundation will be able to make progress in eradicating avoidable blindness in some of the most vulnerable areas of the world. Specifically, 200 people who are blind (or at risk of losing their […]

Javier Bardem ‘donates’ his iris

The Eyes of the world Foundation has launched the “Iris of the world” project, which consists of obtaining an exclusive photograph of a famous person’s iris to auction it and raise funds. In turn, it hopes to raise awareness about the deficiencies in eye care in the most vulnerable territories and defend their right to […]

20 years of commitment to the Sahrawi refugee population in Tindouf

Eyes of the world has received with concern the turn in the foreign policy of the Spanish government in relation to Western Sahara and the impact that this new position may have on the health of the Sahrawi refugee population in the camps of Tindouf (Algeria), where the Foundation has an ophthalmological cooperation project underway. […]

The solidarity of the Miranza Group, from Spain to the most remote territories

The so-called butterfly effect suggests that a small change or disturbance can have a significant effect on another area or even on another continent. “If a butterfly, with its flutter, shakes the air in Beijing today, it could change New York’s climate systems next month”, according to meteorologist James Gleick in 1988. This amplifying result […]

Committed to health and human rights in Ukraine

Eyes of the world reiterates its commitment to the Universal Right to Health; a basic right that must be guaranteed for all people, in any territory and in any context. Therefore, it strongly condemns the flagrant violation of human rights, including the right to health, currently taking place on Ukrainian territory. The Foundation also expresses […]

Microcredits for women in vulnerable situations in Mali

People’s eye health does not depend exclusively on the ophthalmic problems they may suffer, there are many conditions of visual well-being such as hygiene, food, income, gender inequality, the environment… That is why Eyes of the world has launched a new project in Mali to combat gender inequality and empower women with the ultimate goal […]