Significant changes in the ophthalmologic attention in the Sahara

During the last months, there have been different changes in the ophthalmologic attention inside the Sahrawi refugee camps. In October, Dr. Monica Lecumberri joined the programme Eyes of the Sahara as a new medical supervisor. Dr. Lecumberri is a Catalonian ophthalmologist with a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), with […]

Eyes of the world receives the Anesvad Award to Innovation

On 29th October, Anesvad Foundation hosted the third edition of the Anesvad Awards for Cooperation and Solidarity at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the organization. These awards want to share synergies among all the entities that work to alleviate poverty and improve the health and development of the people […]

Eyes of the world Gender Strategy Approved

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation approved the 2018-2021 Gender Strategy designed to integrate the gender perspective across all the phases and areas of work, during their last meeting. The members of the Board of Trustees made the commitment of the organization to achieve gender equality, both at an organisational and strategical level and […]

New Ophthalmologist in Mozambique

After a year without the support of a local specialist, on the 28th of March, Dr. Assan joined the Ophthalmology Service of the Provincial Hospital of Inhambane, a participant of the Eyes of Mozambique program. Dr. Assan recently finished his training in Kenya, and ended his residency in Maputo at the beginning of the year. […]

¡Veo clarito! (I see clearly!)

This is what the protagonist of our story said when she removed her eye protector patch after having cataract surgery. Though only two words, two words that say a lot. Felipa Romero is a woman from the neighborhood of San Jerónimo de Tarija (Bolivia). For many years she was a baker, and some time ago […]

Eyes of the world is committed to integrating a gender perspective in all phases and areas of action

Eyes of the world is defined by its commitment to the world’s most vulnerable populations who suffer from avoidable blindness, and to equitable and sustainable human development. For this reason, it places gender at the center of its processes and projects of cooperation —actions for development are more effective if they take into account gender […]