Eyes of the world celebrates 20 years opening the world’s eyes

The Eyes of the world Foundation has celebrated a very special evening this past October 14th on the occasion of its annual solidarity dinner -The Night of the Eyes of the world-, which, this year, has gained special relevance for the coincidence with the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Foundation. Through this dinner, […]

Eye examinations for the albino population

In Mozambique, albino people live with many difficulties, and not just because they are singled out for their looks. On the one hand, they are haunted by the color of their skin, as traditional magic and healers spread many beliefs about using parts of their body in ceremonies to heal other people. That means they […]

Surgery week in Bolivia

In the last surgical commission of 2020 organized by Eyes of the world in Oruro, which took place from December 14 to 19, 23 patients underwent cataract surgery. The commission was carried out with all the protection and prevention measures established by the COVID-19 protocols and was led by Dr. Estanislao Titirico, ophthalmologist from the […]