With the security crisis that Mali has been ongoing for ten years due to the constant armed conflicts, there has been a massive displacement of people from various towns towards Mopti, the district’s capital. This fact causes the health services in the area to be overwhelmed. For this reason, Eyes of the world organizes mobile commissions to offer eye care.
Male eye examination

From April 1 to 9, the Foundation sent a brigade to visit seven sites for people displaced by internal conflicts, who could care for 369 people with vision problems. Notably, the following pathologies were detected:

  • 53 cataracts (47% women)
  • 27 pterygium (63% women)
  • 213 conjunctivitis (72.8% women)

Among the 53 cases of cataracts detected, 24 people with a completely white lens will have to be operated on quickly since otherwise their condition could worsen and they could suffer from intumescent cataracts.

This Eyes of Mali project has the support of “la Caixa” Foundation.