An albino boy trying on glasses

In Mozambique, albino people live with many difficulties, and not just because they are singled out for their looks. On the one hand, they are haunted by the color of their skin, as traditional magic and healers spread many beliefs about using parts of their body in ceremonies to heal other people. That means they are often wanted and killed.

And on the other hand, as they have a lack of pigment in their skin, hair and eyes, they often suffer from vision difficulties. Their retina lacks pigment, they may not even have an iris, and that makes them more sensitive to light. Also the abnormal development of sight from childhood causes that, in general, a great majority have low vision.

As a consequence of their vulnerability, the Eyes of the world team in Mozambique carries out different activities to support this group. The Foundation is in charge of periodically organizing, in coordination with hospitals and day centers in the province of Inhambane, actions to distribute medication, promote vision care and favor an improvement in eye health.

In the last examinations campaign carried out this summer at the Massinga hospital, Inhambane, the provincial eye health representative, Miguel Siquice, treated 16 albino people who presented different refractive errors. In addition to evaluating their vision, they were also given sunglasses and prescription glasses adapted to their refractive problem.