Aballí showing Attempt at reconstructionThroughout the year, many artists (who have donated to the Eyes of the world Foundation Art Fund) exhibit their creations in various exhibition spaces around the world. Congratulations from the Foundation and we are proud to see how their art continues to expand and grow day by day.

Currently six of them (Joan Fontcuberta, Manel Esclusa, Ignasi Aballí, Miquel Mont, Manuel Outumuro and Jaume Plensa) are in the mouths of art lovers because they have works and collections open to the public.

Visions began in 2008 with a series of 28 photographs by Manel Esclusa taken in the Sahara in 2006. “It began as a kind of need to put my art, made with sight, at the service of an organization which is dedicated precisely to make people see” explained the artist in an interview​ granted to the Foundation. Today, Esclusa is receiving a well-deserved tribute in his hometown, Vic, with four exhibitions in different parts of the city for the tenth anniversary of ACVic Contemporary Arts Center.

Another artist who has contributed in solidarity with the Art Fund of Eyes of the world is Jaume Plensa. The Catalan artist has been in the spotlight since he inaugurated on October 21 his largest public sculpture, permanently installed in New York. The work is called Water’s soul and depicts the face of a young woman with her finger on her lips in a state of silent contemplation. At the Foundation we currently have a sculpture of his entitled Janus (11-piece series), although in a much smaller format, which conveys the same serenity and harmony that emerges from all his works.

The series Semiópolis: Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Joan Fontcuberta is also a key piece in the Visions collection due to the appreciable link between artistic expressions and awareness of the Universal Right to Sight. A sign language painting that exposes the paradox that blind people, who could decipher our message, cannot see the image, and those who can see it cannot understand it and are therefore equally “blind ” to its content. Today, Fontcuberta has an active exhibition until January 2022 at the Vila Casas Foundation entitled Monsters.

With a very different approach from the previous artists we find Miquel Mont who works with painting from its density, to turning his pieces almost into three-dimensional objects such as Coopérations XXXIII, a painting that is part of the Art Fund. Mont could be also recently visited in Barcelona, in the Rocío Santa Cruz gallery, and in Madrid, in Formato Cómodo. Both exhibitions share the same narrative line, as the pandemic has made him realize that time is no longer linear but an unstable concept.

One of the other distinguished projects that is about to be launched is Correction of the artist Ignasi Aballí who will represent Spain at the 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale and which will take place from April 23 to November 27, 2022, and in an extraordinary way will coincide in dates with the centenary of the Spanish Pavilion of the Venice Biennale. Aballí gave the series Attempt to Reconstruct to Eyes of the world, a conceptual work on the limits of vision or the filters that the gaze imposes on reality.

Finally, Manuel Outumuro, linked from the beginning with the Foundation, is also currently exhibiting at the Gran Teatre del Liceu a series of portraits in a large format by the performers of the works of this new season. Eyes of the world also features a piece by the photographer entitled Holligans, the protagonists of which are children from Bangkok.

All Visions Art Fund works can be viewed online on Pinterest and they are available to anyone who wants to acquire them, and thus help combat preventable blindness.