11 December 1956, Brazil. Ricardo Casaroli graduated in medicine and surgery from the “Santa Casa” Faculty of Medical Science in São Paulo in 1981. He later moved to Barcelona, where he specialised in ophthalmology at the Barraquer Institute’s School of Ophthalmic Specialisation in 1990.

He began his career in his home country, where he worked as an intern at the Caterina Hospital in São Paulo (1982-1985). Despite this, his career developed in Catalonia, firstly at the Barraquer Institute, where he alternated his work with other positions between 1985 and 1992, such as a doctor with the Eye Bank, a visiting professor and a research scholar. He has been working as an ophthalmologist at Barcelona’s Hospital Clínic since 2005, a job he combines with teaching at the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Medicine, where he has been a tenured lecturer in the Medicine Department since 2001.

Dr. Casaroli has an impressive career as a researcher, currently concentrated on the University of Barcelona’s Anvancell programme and at the Tissue Bank at Hospital Clínic. He has taken part in 15 publicly financed projects, five financed by the European Union and 32 associated with pharmaceutical companies, among others. He has also won five national and international research awards.