Within the framework of the activities for the Eyes of Bolivia 2022-2024 programme, two days of ophthalmological examinations were carried out at the CEREFE Physical Rehabilitation and Special Education Centre.

Group of people at the CEREFE Physical Rehabilitation and Special Education Centre.The measurements of the refractions took place on October 24 and 25 at the centre’s facilities and were carried out by ophthalmologist Joel Moya, ophthalmologist Claudia Moya, and optician Todá Adonai, collaborators of Eyes of the world.

To practice this activity, ten teachers (seven women and three men) were previously trained in the technique of taking visual acuity so that they could collaborate with the screening of their students and thus be able to identify who needed ophthalmological attention.

Of the 300 evaluations, 20 cases of low vision were detected (13 boys, five girls, and two men). And later, on November 17, the prescription glasses were delivered. In total, glasses were donated to 115 students and 16 teachers.Child taking a visual acuity test.

This project had the support of the Banco Nacional de Bolivia (BNB), within its programme “Veo Veo”.