The continuous training of ophthalmological teams is one of the priority objectives of Eyes of the world so that local professionals reinforce and update their knowledge to assist the population with greater autonomy.

In this regard, from September 27 to October 8, a surgery training commission on cataract surgeries was held in Bolivia by Dr. Luis Alberto Pereira Muñoz, a Bolivian ophthalmologist from the Visión Foundation from Paraguay.

Dr. Pereira underwent training to optimize the surgical skills of five ophthalmologists from the department of Oruro: Estanislao Titirico, Marco Antonio Mareño, Mauricio García, Jimmy Delgado, and Ramiro Verdiguez.

The recruitment of patients took place through free ophthalmological care in rural municipalities, the telemedicine programme (TeleSalud), and care in the San Juan de Dios and Bloque Oruro Corea hospitals. In total, 975 ophthalmological visits were performed, and 70 patients with cataracts (36 men and 34 women) who benefited from the surgical commission were detected. During the training, 24 people were operated on, with a favorable result, and the rest are waiting to regularize their preoperative tests to access cataract surgery at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Oruro.

This activity of the Eyes of Bolivia programme had the support of FOAL, CMB, and the Lions Club.

Ophthalmological cures for a woman and surgical operation