Teaching eye hygiene to children in Bolivia The IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) is one of the field activities related to eye health that Eyes of the world includes in its programs. These programs are carried out all year round and are permanent, making it easier for the Foundation to reach the most vulnerable populations, such as children.

To help educate the youngest boys and girls about basic eye hygiene, we use simple visual awareness tools that facilitate understanding and assimilation of concepts.

For example, in Bolivia we have created two comic characters, “SuperNayra” and “Ojitró,” who visit fairs and schools to teach children how to take care of their eyes. The characters have become well known and familiar to many thanks to their presence on posters, cases, notebooks, and even in study materials such as the periodic table, or the multiplication table.

One way to internalize the concepts of ocular health without effort that is effective, is to reinforce the objective of prevention and bring the cure for ocular health to populations with less resources and more need.