Eye check on a woman

Following the objective of facilitating the right to eye health for the entire population, Eyes of the world regularly visits groups that cannot attend hospital consultations, such as people in Mozambican prisons.

This activity had been suspended since the start of the pandemic, but it was able to resume last September when visits were made to the Inhambane prison to attend to inmates and prison staff.

The provincial eye health representative and the Eyes of the world technician in Mozambique traveled to the centre three times to check the vision of 117 men and 31 women. The most common pathologies were allergies, conjunctivitis, pterygium, and cataracts. Medicines were delivered to treat infections, glasses were distributed to solve refractive problems, and cataract interventions were scheduled for the following week at the Inhambane hospital.

During the same period, the Foundation’s team in Mozambique also managed other campaigns:

Woman doing an eye test

  • Consultations and surgeries at the Inhambane hospital: revisions to 46 women and 27 men, and 19 cataract operations.
  • Checks in the agricultural area of ​​Vilankulos: the vision of 22 peasant women and 15 peasant men were checked, handing out prescription glasses to those who needed them.
  • Awareness talks at the Chikouke hospital: 69 women and 51 men attended to learn about eye prevention and healthy habits.

The activities described have the support of the Government of Navarre.