Group of people at the Ophthalmological Surgical Training CentreA WetLab is an experimental operating room that assists ophthalmologists in surgical training for cataract surgeries. Following the objective of training and strengthening the capacities of local Bolivian professionals, the Eyes of the world Foundation has accompanied the Government of the Department of Oruro in the implementation and leadership of this Ophthalmological Surgical Training Center at the San Juan de Dios Hospital within the public health system. This space will help ophthalmological medical personnel train and improve their surgical skills in cataract surgery, having monitoring by tutors at any time. And in the future, it is planned to be available for the training of any ophthalmologist nationwide.

The facility has all the necessary equipment and material to provide service to ophthalmologists from the public health system who currently perform cataract surgeries in hospitals in the Oruro area. And it also has the support of one of the most recognized ophthalmologists in the country and former director of the National Institute of Ophthalmology (INO), Dr. Joel Moya Saldías, who will carry out the tutoring work and supervise the training.Dr. Joel Moya Saldías

Eyes of the World has signed an agreement with the Oruro Departmental Health Service and the San Juan de Dios Hospital to take over the management of the WetLab, with the allocation of space and personnel, and during the year, the training plan designed for participating ophthalmologists will be carried out.

This Eyes of Bolivia project is financed by CBM Global, UPF Solidaria, and the Girbau Foundation.