The implementation of screening activities in schools is fundamentally aimed toward the timely detection of cases of low visual acuity and the prevention and treatment of ophthalmological diseases to prevent them from leading to possible blindness.

On this occasion, the Mabote district of Mozambique was indicated by the Provincial Directorate of Education for Eyes of the world to coordinate this activity because it does not have an eye care center, and it is a difficult district to access. The Foundation team visited four schools: Mussengue, Chitanga, Tessolo, and Mabote.

Eye check-up for a girl

The ophthalmology technicians, with the support of teachers trained to measure visual acuity, checked the vision of 1,025 students (596 girls and 429 boys) between ages 4 and 15. During the exams, 131 refractive problems, 22 cases of conjunctivitis, and one childhood traumatic cataract were identified. The campaign also included the prescription of treatment, medication and the subsequent donation of 131 prescription glasses.

Most of the students were in contact with an ophthalmology specialist for the first time, so it was a unique opportunity to, in addition to promoting good eye health habits, also detect visual abnormalities in their early development phase and treat them, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life and their school performance.