Girl taking a visual acuity test

Eyes of the world is committed to improving eye health in Bolivia and providing access to eye care to those who otherwise would not have access to it, such as students in rural areas of the department of Oruro. In collaboration with the Ruta de la Luz Foundation, Eyes of the world organised an eye care campaign in 23 rural schools in Oruro in the last quarter of 2022, during which 310 eye examinations were carried out and a total of 290 glasses were provided.

Eyes of the world took care of the logistics and supported the professionals of the Ruta de la Luz Foundation throughout their stay in Bolivia, providing them with transportation and ensuring that they were able to make the most of their time.

The opticians found a high incidence of high and direct myopic astigmatism, often compensated by hyperopia. They also found high rates of red eye and dry eye, caused by environmental conditions, altitude, dust, and wind. From their point of view, the combination of factors such as high UV radiation and the lack of eye protection elements, such as sunglasses, lead to astigmatism and the constant need to wink in this territory. The optical experts also addressed the cultural problem of children’s lack of adherence to the use of glasses in rural populations.

A positive collaboration that Eyes of the world hopes to repeat in the future.