The Board of Trustees of the Foundation approved the 2018-2021 Gender Strategy designed to integrate the gender perspective across all the phases and areas of work, during their last meeting.

The members of the Board of Trustees made the commitment of the organization to achieve gender equality, both at an organisational and strategical level and integrate gender perspective in the ophthalmological cooperation programmes (overcoming the barriers that limit the access to women and girls to ocular health), in the communication, education and awareness campaigns  that the Foundation organize, paying special attention to a non sexist image and language as well as the organizational culture.

The approval of this strategy turns Eyes of the world into a leading ophthalmological cooperation institution in Spain in the implementation of a gender perspective.

Besides, the Foundation, together with the rest of international organizations leading the Gender and Ocular Health Group in the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, positions itself as an organization driving progress and commitment to change the power structures that cause gender inequality in the framework of ocular health.

The key points articulating this gender strategy are:

  • Understand the root causes for inequalities and how these are sustained and perpetuated over time.
  • Offer equal opportunities to access ocular healthcare for women.
  • Promote women’s empowerment and autonomy to know their rights and specifically their right to a quality eye health program.

This will be the guarantee that dozens of adult women and girls are able to exercise their right to a proper vision.