The ophthalmology centre of the Bachir Saleh Hospital in Rabuni is already a reality. The construction of this annex centre began in December 2022 with the aim of improving the conditions of eye care for the Sahrawi refugee populations in the camps and concentrating all services comprehensively in the same building.

Façade of the ophthalmology centreThe new centre has three consultations (general ophthalmology, paediatric ophthalmology, and visual field), an optical workshop, three offices, two warehouses, and a multipurpose room. Eyes of the world supervised the entire process and managed the donation of material so that the facilities had all the necessary equipment. The centre is expected to serve an average of 200 people each month and produce a hundred prescription lenses.

On May 18, the inauguration took place with the presence of President Brahim Galli, Prime Minister Bucharaya Hamudi Beyun, Health Minister Salek Baba, Minister for Social Affairs and Women’s Emancipation Suelma Beiruk, representatives of the Ministry of Cooperation and Construction, in addition to different positions from the Ministry of Health and directors of all the central departments who accompanied all the health personnel and the Eyes of the world team on such a special day.

This Eyes of the Sahara project is financed by AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation).People at the inauguration