Members of the Advisory Board during the meetingThe Foundation’s Advisory Board is a plural and diverse body that, aligned with the strategy and principles of the organization, aims to contribute to the growth of the entity and the achievement of its objectives, contributing through its members, knowledge, experience, and synergies in areas and sectors complementary to the essential activity of the Foundation.

The annual meeting took place on May 18, in which the regulations formalizing it as a consultative body were presented; the new Strategic Lines 2022-2024 were proposed; the lines of action and the objectives of the area of collaboration were discussed, and there was a space for reflection and debate on the opportunities of digital transformation for Eyes of the world.

In this last point, the improvement of digitization was discussed, both in internal organizational aspects and in other more diverse ones such as communication, cooperation projects, relations with partners, or fundraising.

The new additions to the Board were also welcomed; four women will join the revitalization of this consultative body to contribute to the optimization of the Foundation’s resources:

  • Roser Artal: with a degree in Economic and Business Sciences, has held various managerial positions within the Department of Health of the Catalan Government, has been director of health and scientific institutions, and is a consultant and member of the councils of health-related bodies.
  • Liliana Arroyo: with a Ph.D. in Sociology and expert in innovation, digital transformation, and social impact. She has participated in various research teams and regularly participates in media spaces.
  • Patricia Fernández-Deu: graduated in Journalism and Humanities and has served as a communication consultant and specialist in the design of communication strategies, mainly in the corporate, cultural, and foundation fields.
  • Virginia Knörr, with a degree in Information Sciences, has worked in the BasqMembers of the Board attending the guided tour "Eyes of Picasso"ue Government as a communication adviser and is a consultant specializing in defining communication strategy and management in companies and institutions.

The meeting took place at the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona and ended at the Picasso Museum, with a tour to value the artist’s treatment of the eyes through the guided tour ‘Eyes of Picasso.’