Committed to health and human rights in Ukraine

Eyes of the world reiterates its commitment to the Universal Right to Health; a basic right that must be guaranteed for all people, in any territory and in any context. Therefore, it strongly condemns the flagrant violation of human rights, including the right to health, currently taking place on Ukrainian territory. The Foundation also expresses […]

Microcredits for women in vulnerable situations in Mali

People’s eye health does not depend exclusively on the ophthalmic problems they may suffer, there are many conditions of visual well-being such as hygiene, food, income, gender inequality, the environment… That is why Eyes of the world has launched a new project in Mali to combat gender inequality and empower women with the ultimate goal […]

Advances in digital health in Mozambique

One of the goals of Eyes of the world is to contribute to the improvement of eye health systems and management procedures in each of the territories where it has ongoing projects. That is why a new surgery campaign will be carried out in Mozambique in 2022, in which BOOST technology will be implemented to […]

Eyes of the world/Munduko begiak promotes its presence in Pamplona

On 14 December, Eyes of the world/Munduko begiak celebrated the opening of its delegation in Pamplona in a presentation that culminated in the screening of the film Gabor at the Geltoki cultural space. The Foundation has been based in Navarre since 2013 and is registered in the Negotiated Association of Associations, Foundations and Professional Colleges […]

Training local professionals in Mozambique

One of Eye of the world’s main goals is to strengthen the local population’s abilities and skills so that they become eye care professionals and that in the long run they can be self-sufficient in their territories. In order to strengthen this initiative, this year, a campaign of ophthalmologists, medical technicians, optometrists and opticians has […]

Opening our eyes, with the help of solidarity artists

Throughout the year, many artists (who have donated to the Eyes of the world Foundation Art Fund) exhibit their creations in various exhibition spaces around the world. Congratulations from the Foundation and we are proud to see how their art continues to expand and grow day by day. Currently six of them (Joan Fontcuberta, Manel […]

Measures to improve environmental sustainability in Mali

In the framework of the Eyes of Mali project, in recent years, it has been seen that environmental sustainability within the world of eye health is paramount. In an area of the world where scarcity, drought and people displaced due to armed conflicts prevail, the action of Eyes of the world in reference to hygiene […]

Anna Barba takes the operational leadership of the Foundation

Eyes of the world unveils a new director, Anna Barba i Giró. Graduated in Law, postgraduate in Direction and Management of NGOs and other non-profit organizations and with a master’s degree in Globalization, Development and Cooperation, she started her work beginnings in the world of law, specifically in the banking legal advice sector. In 2011 […]

The IAPB tripled the expected target for the #LoveYourEyes campaign

Every year, the second Thursday of October is the World Sight Day which this year coincided with 14 October. At this evening, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) focus annually on the problem of visual disability. #LoveYourEyes has been the label of this year’s campaign that […]

More than 4,000 eye treatments in Bolivia for World Sight Day

As every year, World Sight Day, organized by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), has arrived, and the Eyes of Bolivia program did not want to miss the opportunity to set up different activities in the three action territories: Chuquisaca, Oruro and Tarija. During the days leading up to and following October […]