#ClimateVision: The Eyes of the world campaign to warn about the harmful effects of climate change on eyesight

On March 22, World Water Day, Eyes of the world starts a yearlong campaign on its social media to bring awareness about the incidence of climate change on eye health and the need to take measures to reduce their harmful effects. The impact of climate change in eye health is undeniable and can be seen […]

Home visits to care for people with special needs

The defense of universal health coverage claims that everyone has the right to health and to receive quality eye care when and where they need it, without having to go through additional financial difficulties. For this reason, one of the objectives of Eyes of the world is to eliminate the barriers that hinder access to […]

New operating module at the Sominé Dolo Hospital in Mopti

The northern regions of Mali have very few resources, both human and material, to cover eye care needs. And the location of the Sominé Dolo Hospital in Mopti, located between the northern and southern regions of the country, makes its ophthalmology services essential to caring for thousands of people. It is an area where the […]

Creation of a WetLab in Oruro

A WetLab is an experimental operating room that assists ophthalmologists in surgical training for cataract surgeries. Following the objective of training and strengthening the capacities of local Bolivian professionals, the Eyes of the world Foundation has accompanied the Government of the Department of Oruro in the implementation and leadership of this Ophthalmological Surgical Training Center […]

Awareness campaigns on eye health and gender equity

One of the media which facilitates the mass dissemination of awareness and prevention messages in Mali is undoubtedly the radio. Eyes of the world has signed collaboration agreements with eight Malian radio stations to broadcast awareness and prevention campaigns on the main eye diseases, using local languages. In December, specific informative programmes on trachoma disease […]

Food and health aid for the displaced population in Mali

Eyes of the world adds a new activity to the ophthalmological consultation campaigns organized in the sites of the population displaced by internal conflicts: food assistance, a priority for 91% of this population. Nutritional deficiencies aggravate the suffering of patients and increase the risk of mortality, and the most vulnerable group are children who suffer […]

Eyeglasses for rural school students in Bolivia

Eyes of the world is committed to improving eye health in Bolivia and providing access to eye care to those who otherwise would not have access to it, such as students in rural areas of the department of Oruro. In collaboration with the Ruta de la Luz Foundation, Eyes of the world organised an eye […]

Inclusive school-based eye health plans in Oruro

The Eyes of Bolivia project has taken a step forward in facilitating access for the student population in rural areas of Oruro and Tarija to early identification of visual impairments and their resolution. In the case of Oruro, with the involvement of all stakeholders, rights holders and responsibilities, Eyes of the world has ensured that […]

Follow-up visit and improvements in the Bechar shelter

In August 2021, the first shelter in the Bechar Wilaya was inaugurated, exclusively for people with ophthalmologic pathologies derived from the Sahrawi refugee population camps. In May of this year, a further step was taken, facilitating its transport. And in November, a follow-up visit was carried out to verify the management and satisfaction of the […]

Biomedical waste management training in Mali

Large amounts of waste are generated in health centres, and much of it can be hazardous because of its potential to spread disease. To avoid infection and ensure safety, it is essential to take the necessary measures, pre-select such waste, and have the means to dispose of it correctly. To reinforce the skills of the […]