The donation of ophthalmologic equipment to the Hospital of Tarija

Last 27th February, Eyes of the world, within the framework of the inter-institutional agreement it has with the authorities at the Department of Tarija, commenced delivery of ophthalmologic equipment for the operating theatre at the Saint John of God Regional Hospital in Tarija. Delivery was completed during April and May. Departmental Authorities, the Hospital Director, […]

A new optical consulting room is inaugurated at the National Hospital in Rabuni

Last 4th March a new optical consulting room at the National Hospital in Rabuni was inaugurated. Present at the ceremony was Maria Tavera, co-ordinator of the Eyes of Sahara Program; Mohamed Lamin,  SADR Minister of Health;  Alberto Jiménez, responsible for the Technical Co-operation Department (TCD) in Tindouf; Labat, in charge of medical assistance; Hamudi Mojtar, […]

Training workshop for ocular health agents in the districts of Bandiagara and Koro, in the region of Mopti (Mali)

On the 18th and 19th of February a training/recycling workshop about basic notions of ophthalmology for health agents from the districts of Bandiagara and Koro was held. In the workshop, which was given by the ophthalmologist from the Hospital Sominé Dolo and organized by Eyes of the world, personnel from the community health centers and […]