Glasses for Mozambique Elementary Schools

The optics shop in the Vilankulos district (Mozambique) completed its first year. And, above all, it’s meeting its objectives. During this year, Eyes of the world contributed 1,330 glasses, 502 frames, 384 special glasses, and equipment for the workshop. With this material, the optics shop was able to give 454 patients access to glasses, frames, […]

The Foundation arrives in areas of Mali unattended for years

Last August, Eyes of the world organized a new medical-surgical ophthalmological commission in which 502 people from the city of Ténenkou in the Mopti region, received free eye care and cataract surgery. This is a great achievement, bearing in mind that the Foundation was the only organization that acted with a primary eye health program […]

Eyes of the world carries out its first project of consistent assistance in the sahrawi camps

Eyes of the world has given consistent assistance over the past six months to the refugee population of Sahrawi with the presence on the ground of Dr. María Sanchidrián. It is the first time that the Foundation has done a project for this long. During this time, we have treated patients of all ages in […]

Comic characters to teach eye hygiene to children in Bolivia

The IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) is one of the field activities related to eye health that Eyes of the world includes in its programs. These programs are carried out all year round and are permanent, making it easier for the Foundation to reach the most vulnerable populations, such as children. To help educate the […]

The Eyes of the world Night 2015 in Lugano

The Eyes of the world Night is a dinner of solidarity that is held annually by the Foundation Eyes of the world with the aim of making our society aware about avoidable blindness and to raise funds for the ophthalmologic co-operative projects we are carrying out. This year the dinner will be held in the […]

The Art Fund grows with nine “Little People”

The artist Olga Martínez has donated nine sculptures to Visions, the Foundation’s Solidarity Art Fund. Through her series Personetes (Little People), composed of nine figures sculpted in refractory paste and fired at 1300ºC, Olga attempts to make our society aware of sight deficiencies. Reflecting on the form of the sculptures she remarks “perhaps it appears that my figures are […]

The donation of ophthalmologic equipment to the Hospital of Tarija

Last 27th February, Eyes of the world, within the framework of the inter-institutional agreement it has with the authorities at the Department of Tarija, commenced delivery of ophthalmologic equipment for the operating theatre at the Saint John of God Regional Hospital in Tarija. Delivery was completed during April and May. Departmental Authorities, the Hospital Director, […]

A new optical consulting room is inaugurated at the National Hospital in Rabuni

Last 4th March a new optical consulting room at the National Hospital in Rabuni was inaugurated. Present at the ceremony was Maria Tavera, co-ordinator of the Eyes of Sahara Program; Mohamed Lamin,  SADR Minister of Health;  Alberto Jiménez, responsible for the Technical Co-operation Department (TCD) in Tindouf; Labat, in charge of medical assistance; Hamudi Mojtar, […]

Training workshop for ocular health agents in the districts of Bandiagara and Koro, in the region of Mopti (Mali)

On the 18th and 19th of February a training/recycling workshop about basic notions of ophthalmology for health agents from the districts of Bandiagara and Koro was held. In the workshop, which was given by the ophthalmologist from the Hospital Sominé Dolo and organized by Eyes of the world, personnel from the community health centers and […]