Interventions that restore vision and life

Access to health for people living in poverty is more limited and is further aggravated by geographical distances. Rural areas are more destitute, so in Bolivia, it is vital to get eye care messages to more people so that they can access hospitals and receive care. Health promotion and awareness campaigns allow the isolated population in more remote […]

Prescription glasses for people with disabilities in Bolivia

In Bolivia, one of the most vulnerable groups is people with disabilities. Many of them also suffer from more than one disability, but this does not mean that they receive more help. And they often must overcome many barriers to receive eye care, such as mobility to care centers, lack of information about pathologies and cures, or the […]

Quality control of cataract surgeries through the BOOST application

The Eyes of the world projects are committed to sustainability, equity, and quality of eye care. And to optimize this last objective, any tool that allows control and improves the results of cataract surgery is very welcome. For this reason, the Mozambique medical team has been using an application developed by the world’s leading eye health […]

Training days in Mozambique

Mozambique has insufficient ophthalmological coverage caused, among other reasons, by the lack of professionals trained in the different disciplines of eye care. Since Eyes of the world began its cooperation programme in Inhambane, it has opted to train local personnel to make eye health accessible to the population. A training aimed not only at specialists […]

Just a year ago

Just a year ago, COVID-19 suddenly took Vicenç Capdevila, secretary of the Board of Eyes of the world. The Foundation lost an unconditional, honest, and valuable companion, and I, and many of us who are part of Eyes of the world, a loyal, honest, and sensitive friend. His legacy lives on in the Foundation (also […]

Donation of prescription glasses for schoolchildren in Mali

An unforgettable experience is seeing the faces of girls and boys with vision problems who, for the first time, use prescription glasses. Their eyes light up, and a radiant smile appears. These extraordinary moments are experienced by the Eyes of the world teams in the school screening campaigns in Mali. The last one took place […]

New cooperation agreement in Oruro

The Eyes of the world team in Bolivia is in luck. On February 18, they signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement with the municipality of Curahuara de Carangas in Oruro, with several objectives: Spread awareness to students about eye health and COVID-19 Train teachers in taking visual acuity Train primary care staff members in basic ophthalmology […]

“I have no words”

Behind every intervention, there is a story. Behind every bandage removed, there is a person who recovers vision and hope. In the last surgery campaigns in Mali at the end of 2020, Eyes of the world collected the testimony of some people who opened their eyes again and filled their lives with light. The surgical […]

Surgery week in Bolivia

In the last surgical commission of 2020 organized by Eyes of the world in Oruro, which took place from December 14 to 19, 23 patients underwent cataract surgery. The commission was carried out with all the protection and prevention measures established by the COVID-19 protocols and was led by Dr. Estanislao Titirico, ophthalmologist from the […]

Guaranteeing attention to ocular emergencies in Mali

COVID-19 is a global crisis and as such requires global responses: governments, organizations from all sectors, professionals and the like have been working together, and continue to do so, in order to prevent, detect, and respond to the different requirements that have arisen. The European Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), loyal to its […]