300 check-ups and 131 eyeglasses donated to a special education centre in Bolivia

Within the framework of the activities for the Eyes of Bolivia 2022-2024 programme, two days of ophthalmological examinations were carried out at the CEREFE Physical Rehabilitation and Special Education Centre. The measurements of the refractions took place on October 24 and 25 at the centre’s facilities and were carried out by ophthalmologist Joel Moya, ophthalmologist […]

#LoveYourEyes. A day to love your eyes

At Eyes of the world we carried out different activities to celebrate World Sight Day 2022 and contribute to raising awareness about the importance of eye health, the need to take care of our eyes (#loveyoureyes) and to fight for the eradication of avoidable blindness. In Mozambique, we implemented eye health promotion activities in the […]

“Holding gazes” along with Novartis

With the support of Novartis, the Eyes of the World Foundation is launching the campaign “Holding gazes”, which aims to raise public awareness of the importance of regular eye check-ups to prevent vision loss and to protect, preserve and prioritise visual health, and raise awareness of the precariousness of eye health in some of the […]

Javier Bardem’s eyes will open 200 eyes

Thanks to the solidarity of Javier Bardem, who donated the recently auctioned photograph of his iris to Eyes of the world, the Foundation will be able to make progress in eradicating avoidable blindness in some of the most vulnerable areas of the world. Specifically, 200 people who are blind (or at risk of losing their […]

Purchase of 4,000 lenses for the Tindouf camps

Within the Eyes of the world project to reinforce and improve eye care in the Sahrawi refugee population camps, the provision of optometric consumables is also included. In August, the Foundation oversaw the purchase of 4,000 lenses in the Algerian city of Sétif, which were later distributed among the three optical workshops located in the […]

Equipment and material donations in Mali

To offer eye care in the camps for internally displaced persons in Mali, it is essential to have the appropriate material and equipment. One of the tasks of the Eyes of the world Foundation is to provide these items that would be impossible to obtain due to the complicated conditions of the area. During the […]

New agreement in Bolivia to increase eye care and surgery coverage

In June, Eyes of the world signed the implementation agreement for the Eyes of Bolivia 2022-2024 programme with the funder CBM Global Disability Inclusion. CBM Global works to break the cycle of poverty and disability, treating and preventing the conditions that lead to disability in various countries worldwide. And, in Bolivia, it shares objectives with […]

Javier Bardem ‘donates’ his iris

The Eyes of the world Foundation has launched the “Iris of the world” project, which consists of obtaining an exclusive photograph of a famous person’s iris to auction it and raise funds. In turn, it hopes to raise awareness about the deficiencies in eye care in the most vulnerable territories and defend their right to […]

Positive evaluation of a new tool to improve cataract surgeries

New technologies and medical improvements that allow for optimizing the quality of results in cataract interventions are always very welcome. With this objective, Eyes of the world has carried out a pilot test to validate the use of the BOOST application in its project in Mozambique. BOOST (Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool) is a tool […]

New mobile optics to tour the Inhambane province

Only a few districts in the Mozambican province of Inhambane have eye care and ophthalmological professionals, leaving populations in rural areas farthest from urban centres neglected. Mobility problems and gender inequalities hinder access for the most vulnerable people, generally women and girls, and mean that much of the population does not have access to prescription […]