Consultations and surgeries for the displaced population

In April, the Medical Assistants in Ophthalmology (AMO) from the Douentza, Djennè, Mopti, and Bankass districts of Mali mobilized for seven days to visit camps for the population displaced by internal conflicts and carry out ophthalmological consultations. More than 600 people were examined, a hundred cases of cataracts were detected (51 women and 49 men), […]

Approval of the new Strategic Plan 2022-2024: A transformative vision

At Eyes of the world’s board meeting, held on June 29, the activities, and economic accounts for the 2020-2021 financial year were approved, and the new Strategic Plan for the next three years was validated and ratified. It is the fourth Plan drawn up by the Foundation since its constitution in 2001. The culmination of […]

Advances to facilitate eye care for the Sahrawi population

After the inauguration of the first shelter in the wilaya of Bechar in August 2021, which is intended solely for people with ophthalmologic pathologies derived from the refugee population camps, in May, a step further was taken in facilitating their transportation. Eyes of the world has agreed with the Tindouf bus company to organize groups […]

Meeting and news of the Advisory Board of Eyes of the world

The Foundation’s Advisory Board is a plural and diverse body that, aligned with the strategy and principles of the organization, aims to contribute to the growth of the entity and the achievement of its objectives, contributing through its members, knowledge, experience, and synergies in areas and sectors complementary to the essential activity of the Foundation. The […]

20 years of commitment to the Sahrawi refugee population in Tindouf

Eyes of the world has received with concern the turn in the foreign policy of the Spanish government in relation to Western Sahara and the impact that this new position may have on the health of the Sahrawi refugee population in the camps of Tindouf (Algeria), where the Foundation has an ophthalmological cooperation project underway. […]

Children’s campaign for early detection of eye problems in Inhambane

Identifying eye and low vision problems in childhood is extremely important since, if caught in time, they can be corrected. Eyes of the world carries out such campaigns in schools for early detection of these problems, preventing them from worsening and leading to irreversible blindness. Most children are unaware they have a visual problem, and […]

Eye care and glasses donation on World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is commemorated every year on March 21. This year in Bolivia, it was celebrated with various actions coordinated by Eyes of the world to offer ophthalmological assistance and prescription lenses in La Paz, Oruro, and Tarija. To carry out this campaign, mobile ophthalmological teams, specialists, and paediatric ophthalmologists were deployed; they […]

A thousand Bolivian women receive training as health promoters

In Bolivia, Eyes of the world is constantly working to continue reinforcing the gender approach in the different facets of its programme.  The result is reflected in the fact that, during the last year, of the 1,316 people who received training to promote eye health, 78% (1,032) were women. To do this, we worked with […]

The solidarity of the Miranza Group, from Spain to the most remote territories

The so-called butterfly effect suggests that a small change or disturbance can have a significant effect on another area or even on another continent. “If a butterfly, with its flutter, shakes the air in Beijing today, it could change New York’s climate systems next month”, according to meteorologist James Gleick in 1988. This amplifying result […]

Information and training, essential to combat the “evil eye” in Mozambique

According to data from the Mozambique Ministry of Health, at least 80% of the population uses “traditional medicine” as an alternative to primary health care. Too often, more attention is paid to the strength of ancestral spirits than to the preventative advice of health centres. In many areas, visual impairments and blindness are associated with […]