New technologies and medical improvements that allow for optimizing the quality of results in cataract interventions are always very welcome. With this objective, Eyes of the world has carried out a pilot test to validate the use of the BOOST application in its project in Mozambique.

BOOST (Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool) is a tool that helps surgical teams monitor and improve the results of cataract operations. It allows you to capture data, analyze your results, compare your performance with other data globally, and suggest custom strategies.

Eye examination of a woman

This platform started in the province of Inhambane, covering the districts of Zavala, Massinga, and Inhambane. In its implementation, from April 18 to June 10, 140 visually impaired people who underwent cataract surgery participated. The application of the tool in these three districts included training the local ophthalmological technician and a professional from the Foundation in using the application given by Dr. Mónica Lecumberri, promoter of the study.

The process was carried out in two phases: a first preoperative phase of diagnosis, patient selection, and data collection regarding visual acuity, and the second postoperative phase, in which the patients’ vision was checked six weeks after the intervention and concluded that 43% had achieved good visual acuity and 30% moderate. After analyzing the results of this initial study, Eyes of the world is committed to advancing the tool’s implementation in the entire ophthalmological cooperation project in the province of Inhambane.

For the execution of this activity, we have had the support of the City Council of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.