Within the Eyes of the world project to reinforce and improve eye care in the Sahrawi refugee population camps, the provision of optometric consumables is also included. A man with the boxes containing lenses

In August, the Foundation oversaw the purchase of 4,000 lenses in the Algerian city of Sétif, which were later distributed among the three optical workshops located in the Dakhla Wilaya Hospital, the Bol.la Hospital, and the Rabuni National Hospital. With this donation of lenses, the workshops mount glasses for the Sahrawi refugee population.

Specialized and permanent care has also been maintained in the summer in the Béchar Wilaya shelter. During the month of August, 57 women and 53 men were treated, and 32 patients underwent cataract surgery.

A group of Sahrawi women

The Eyes of the Sahara project is financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).