Medical team using the BOOST app

The Eyes of the world projects are committed to sustainability, equity, and quality of eye care. And to optimize this last objective, any tool that allows control and improves the results of cataract surgery is very welcome.

For this reason, the Mozambique medical team has been using an application developed by the world’s leading eye health organizations for a few months now and is used to measure and evaluate the quality of cataract surgeries: the BOOST app (Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool).

It is a free and easy-to-use tool, suitable for different devices even without an Internet connection, and very useful to help surgical staff to measure, compare and improve surgical quality.

BOOST allows you to record the results immediately after surgery, 100% anonymous data so that they can later be analyzed and compared by other users worldwide. A comparative evaluation is also completely anonymous. Users can generate practical graphs and report directly from the application. In addition, it also suggests strategies to improve surgical quality and optimize results.

A woman covering one eye

Dauto and Elisa are two of the many patients who underwent cataract surgery in late 2020 and have been followed up using their data through BOOST. They have both recovered quickly, have had no complications, and feel much better. Proof of this is that both are looking forward to having cataract surgery in the other eye.

This initiative is part of the purpose of Eyes of the world to provide patients with accessible, affordable, and quality care, so its use could soon be extended to other projects of the Foundation.

The project is funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, the Barcelona City Council, the Zarautz City Council, and the Castellbisbal City Council.