The Eyes of the world Foundation, a member of the IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness), has supported the initiative of this organisation to send a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, in which more than 60 countries and more than 150 global eye health organisations have requested the appointment of a Special Envoy on Vision.

The aim of this initiative is to create a global vision champion to mobilise action on eye health, ensuring that the necessary resources and technical assistance are provided, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

According to Peter Holland, Executive Director of the IAPB, this action “represents an important step forward in our collective approach to tackling vision loss and underlines how far our sector has come in having a strong and credible voice at the UN in front of global and national leaders”. A proposal that aims to achieve the necessary changes to improve the lives of more than a billion people.

Eyes of the world is part of the collective effort of this group of organisations that are working together to ensure that by 2030 everyone will be able to have accessible, available and affordable eye care.