Project Solidarity Operating Room, Miranza's wings

The so-called butterfly effect suggests that a small change or disturbance can have a significant effect on another area or even on another continent.

“If a butterfly, with its flutter, shakes the air in Beijing today, it could change New York’s climate systems next month”, according to meteorologist James Gleick in 1988.

This amplifying result is the basis of the “Solidarity Operating Room, the Wings of Miranza” project, which promotes solidarity surgical interventions in the clinics that the Miranza Group has throughout Spain. The project links the teams and patients of our environment with the teams and patients of the most vulnerable territories in the world, so that Miranza symbolically spreads its wings and contributes to the execution of the ophthalmological cooperation programs that Eyes of the world has in place.

Miranza’s wings are ophthalmologists who, without having to travel, donate the fees of a surgical procedure making it possible for Eyes of the world to fund operations, mainly cataracts, in territories where it has ongoing projects. The resources obtained allow us to assume the cost of surgeries performed on the most vulnerable groups.

The Miranza Group, elaborating further its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, also provides the amount relative to the benefits of that intervention to Eyes of the world and, in this way, manages to expand the scope of the project, coming to operate and transform the lives of more people.

According to Dr. Borja Corcóstegui, vice president of Eyes of the world and medical director of IMO-Group Miranza, “the solidarity operating room has the option of becoming an effect of solidarity that, like the butterfly effect, makes the small, bigger, and crosses barriers and borders”.