At Eyes of the world’s board meeting, held on June 29, the activities, and economic accounts for the 2020-2021 financial year were approved, and the new Strategic Plan for the next three years was validated and ratified.

It is the fourth Plan drawn up by the Foundation since its constitution in 2001. The culmination of a learning process in the field of elaboration of ophthalmological cooperation projects and the implementation of sustainable activities with an impact on the transformation of the living conditions of the population. Within the framework of this Plan, the Foundation takes a step forward, not only in improving the prevention and treatment of pathologies but also in defending the exercise of the right to eye health by any person in the world so that no one is left behind, with a concrete, clear, and innovative agenda, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

This Strategic Plan is based on the transformative vision of the Foundation: Eyes of the world transforms people’s lives. Good vision helps to obtain better educational results and avoid school failure, creates better employment prospects, and increases productivity at work. For this reason, the Foundation, through its projects and activities, aims to have an impact on general health and well-being, quality of life, and individual development, so that people reach their maximum potential.

The new targets have been developed from a participatory methodology involving both the operational team at headquarters and the territorial delegations, as well as the field teams and the Medical Committee. In its elaboration process, dynamic and plural, implementing the organization’s Theory of Change has also begun.

Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Eyes of the world FoundationThe 2022-2024 Strategic Plan differentiates the strategic lines and objectives in three axes:

  • In the programmatic axis, the focus is on prevention, working at the community level to prevent and detect eye pathologies early and influencing the social determinants of health. With universal health coverage, improving the treatment of the leading causes of preventable blindness, and promoting the training of local health personnel to achieve better quality intervention and increase the availability of eye health services, especially in rural and remote areas. And in strengthening the public health system, promoting research and baselines that improve the planning of eye health services. In addition, the Foundation is committed to education for social change aimed at promoting critical awareness and fostering the commitment of citizens to advance in a more just and equitable world where the right to vision is guaranteed.
  • In the axis of communication and fundraising, the Foundation intends to gain brand awareness in the areas where it has its headquarters and territorial delegations and focus initiatives on the groups related to the cause and brand of the entity. Regarding the financial model, Eyes of the world intends to find new ways that lead to the growth of the annual budget and that facilitate the achievement of the impact and the proposed results. On the one hand, the Foundation plans to expand private financial channels through innovative initiatives and strategic collaborations with new private donors and companies. And on the other hand, focus efforts on submitting projects to significant calls for public funding that supports multi-year projects.
  • At the organizational level, Eyes of the world aspires to develop autonomous and collaborative work processes, improve the efficiency of operational and support processes, and adapt the entity to international standards that mainstream approaches relevant to the Foundation.