Through women’s eyes

Interview to Maria Helena Filipe Duzenta, manager of the Vilankulos Optical Workshop

Maria Helena Filipe Duzenta is the administrative secretary of the Banco d’Óculos of Vilankulos, the first optical workshop in Eastern Africa managed entirely by women. Maria Helena has worked there since its opening in November 2016. The optical workshop, concieved and founded by Eyes of the world and managed by the women’s association AMODEVI, allows […]

Vilankulo’s Optical Shop: opening Mozambique’s eyes while empowering women

In Mozambique, 41% of the population suffers from serious eye conditions, a percentage higher than that of the neighboring countries. The number of people over fifty who suffer from preventable blindness is ten times higher in Mozambique than it is in Spain. Additionally, difficulty in accessing eye healthcare for women is way above average: 76% […]

Five difficulties women face regarding eye health in the world’s most impoverished countries

According to IAPB (the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness), 55% of blind people worldwide are women. In most cases, those women could regain sight with simple surgical operations, but 89% of people with eye-related illnesses live in the most impoverished nations. In those countries, an already precarious situation for eye health issues is […]

Theatre as an educational and female empowerment tool

Theatre is a way of entertainment. But for Eyes of the world, theatre is also an educational tool to raise awareness of various different aspects that will help to improve ocular health in some of the most vulnerable areas in the world. Mozambique is one of the countries where we carry out this dissemination activity. On […]

Interview to María Tavera, aid worker

María Tavera has been a part of the Eyes of the world team for more than seven years. She has spent most of that time as an aid worker in a refugee camp for Saharan people in Tindouf (Algeria). Thanks to its permanent presence in situ, the Eyes of the world project has been able […]

Interview to Khadija Ftah Ftah, intern at the Foundation

Khadija was born in Ksar Toroug, Morocco, and is a journalism degree student. He has done university internships at the Eyes of the world Foundation. For her, communication is an effective means for the empowerment of women, because communication means being informed and information makes you know, think and reflect on different aspects. Communication is […]

Interview to Mar Correa, consultant specialized in gender issues

Mar Correa is an international consultant specializing in gender issues, development, education for development and human rights. She was born in Huelva and has collaborated with the Foundation, developing the gender diagnosis of the organization and accompanying in the design of the entity’s gender strategy. How would you define the work of a consultant that […]